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How Do I Purchase at Williams?

Purchasing Card

A Williams Purchasing Card (pcard) is simply a credit card issued in your name on the College’s account and is used for making purchases on the College’s behalf. The following link has all the information you need about pcards – the policies for using them, how to apply for one, and the process for reconciling your card – http://web.williams.edu/admin/controller/credit/pcard/. If you want to talk with someone about the process or the card, contact Lisa Gazaille at [email protected] or at ext. 4413.

Office Supplies

The College has an agreement with Staples for the purchasing of office supplies. If you need an account in order to use the Staples contract pricing website, please contact Bob Harris at [email protected] or at ext. 2145.

Did you know that you can get additional discounts off the already low pricing by aggregating your orders? If you order at least $250 in supplies, you automatically receive an additional 2.5% discount on your order. Since Staples delivers over 99% of orders the next day, you’ll get your order quickly!

If you have an issue with an order or think you’ve seen an item for a lower price elsewhere, contact AnnMarie Conklin at [email protected]. She is our local rep and is very helpful in resolving issues and helping with pricing.

Many people choose to purchase office supplies through WB Mason, even though the College does not have any preferred pricing agreements with them. Their prices are competitive and delivery is prompt. Their local rep is David Hayes and he can be reached at [email protected].

Copy Paper

The College has a contract with WB Mason for pricing on copy paper. The College has made a commitment to using 100% recycled content paper.

I’ve asked for more information from Kim Brown at Mail/Print Services and she forwarded my request to Steve Nesterak.


The College bids out the printing of departmental envelopes each XXXX. Tim Reisler ([email protected] or call at 597-3319) is the point person for that bidding process if you have any questions.


Mail/Print Services, located in the `37 House on Park Street, prints color stationery every fall. Watch for a Daily Message announcing when they intend to print or contact Kim Brown, Manager of Mail and Print Services, at [email protected] or at ext. 4806.

Cell phones

If you need to purchase a new cell phone for a user, contact Bob Harris, at [email protected] or at ext. 2145 and he will help you through this process. Should you have an issue with a monthly billing statement, contact Jill Mendel at [email protected] or at ext. 4127.

The College’s cell phone policy can be found at http://oit.williams.edu/policies/cell-phone-policy/.


The College supports desktop, laptop, and tablet computers. To acquire a new computer or other device or to upgrade an existing device, contact Seth Rogers, Director of Desktop Systems, at [email protected] or at ext. 3706. The information regarding the purchasing of computers can also be found at http://oit.williams.edu/help-docs/hardware-os/facstaff/.


The guidelines for purchasing furniture can be found at

Ergonomic issues

If you have an issue with your workstation that is causing you physical discomfort, it is likely that it can be corrected with minor adjustments. Contact Frank Pekarski, Manager of Safety and Environmental Compliance, at [email protected] or at ext. 2406. He will assess your workstation and make recommendations or provide ergonomic devices (keyboard tray, monitor risers, etc) to improve your situation.

Food/Lunch Meetings

The following establishments provide lunch-type foods. Click on the name for a menu and contact information.

The Deli Station – sandwiches, wraps, soups

Hot Tomatoes – pizza

Colonial Pizza – pizza

Tunnel city Coffee – coffee, pastries, desserts

Poppy’s Deli – wraps, grinders

Olympic Pizza – pizza, wraps, grinders

Pappa Charlie’s – sandwiches

Break/Kitchen Supplies

Offices purchase coffee in a variety of ways. Some offices have coffee pots while others use single-serving machines. Both WB Mason and Staples supply coffee and related supplies.

Bottled Water

Bottled water can be purchased through the Sand Springs Springwater Company located at:

160 Sand Springs Road

Williamstown, MA 01267

Phone: (413) 458-8644


The following Inns/Motels are commonly used by visitors to Williamstown. Follow the links for room rates.

Purchasing Consortiums

The College belongs to the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC). The MHEC has negotiated contracts with a wide variety of vendors offering a tremendous range of products. To see a listing of product categories, go to

http://private.mhec.net/ListContractsProdCats.asp?sort=Category. To see a listing of all the vendors by various contracts, go to http://private.mhec.net/ListContractsVendors_va.asp.

The College also belongs to the Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing consortium (E&I). This consortium is similar to the MHEC, but may have different vendors and purchasing contracts. To see a listing of E&I vendors, go to https://www.eandi.org/supplierlist.aspx?Menu=Suppliers. To see a listing of E&I contracts, go to https://www.eandi.org/Contractfinder.aspx?redirectPage=Cat&advSearch=&Supplier_id=.

If there is a vendor or contract that you would like more information on OR if you want to know how to use the contracts, please contact Tim Reisler at [email protected] , or at ext. 3319 or Bob Harris at [email protected] , or at ext. 2145.


Tim Reisler in the Facilities Department is responsible for writing contracts for all manner of purchasing of services or of materials. If you need to purchase either services or materials and are not sure if you need a contract or not, contact Tim at [email protected] , or at ext. 3319. He can help you with knowing if a contract is necessary and can assist with the actual writing of the contract.

Who can help me if I have some questions?

The following people around campus are heavily involved in the purchasing process for their departments. Feel free to call on them for advice or support.

Photo of Timothy Reisler
Timothy Reisler
Contract & Budget Administrator
Miller House
Photo of Noelle Lemoine
Noelle Lemoine
Executive Assistant
63 Spring St, 3rd Floor
Photo of Linda A. Grandshaw
Linda A. Grandshaw
Departmental Administrative Assistant
Hollander Hall, Rm 327
Photo of Sharon Marceau
Sharon Marceau
Real Estate and Housing Coordinator
Service Building
Photo of Cynthia Haley
Cynthia Haley
Program & Administrative Manager
Hopkins Hall


– Information to follow

Vehicle Rentals

The College maintains a fleet of vehicles (10 12-passenger vans and 4 mini-vans) that can be used by a Faculty or staff member for College business. The policies governing the use of these vehicles can be found at http://facilities.williams.edu/cars-and-drivers/. If you need to reserve a vehicle, contact Krista Jolin at [email protected] or at ext. 2302.

If you need to rent a car, either locally or away from campus, there are many options. For local travel, the College has negotiated contract rates with Enterprise. Their contact numbers as well as pertinent information regarding insurance coverage you should or should not purchase can be found at http://facilities.williams.edu/cars-and-drivers/commercial-car-rentals/.

If you need to hire a driver for a program to or take someone to the airport or train station, there is a listing of staff drivers who have been approved by the College to drive a College vehicle. That list, with contact information, can be found at http://facilities.williams.edu/cars-and-drivers/drivers/.