• Egencia accounts are available to all Williams faculty and staff with purchasing cards. During August and September, the Controller’s Office distributed user credentials to all purchasing card holders on record as of July. If you are in need of login credentials, please contact [email protected].

    Moving forward, new purchasing card holders will receive their Egencia login credentials at the end of the month in which they receive their purchasing card. Once your account has been created, your username and temporary password will be provided via email. Upon your first login, you will be prompted to create a new password.

    If you have any questions regarding login credentials, please contact [email protected].

  • Unfortunately, Egencia does not provide preferred rates available to conference or event attendees at this time. We advise college employees to book conference and event lodging per the instructions provided by conference/event administrators to ensure that all potential discounts are realized.

  • Yes, Egencia users have the ability to upload their personal payment information as well as college purchasing card details within their user profiles under “Payment Options.” For assistance with this process, please contact [email protected] or call Jamie Campbell at x4985.

  • The billing address associated with your Williams purchasing card will be the address included on your Bank of America purchasing card statement. You must use this address when entering your billing information in Egencia. If you have any questions regarding your billing address, please contact [email protected] for guidance.

  • Yes, Egencia users will have the capability to upload their personal frequent flyer mile numbers to their Egencia profile. You can add your frequent flyer accounts to Egencia by navigating to your profile and selecting “Frequent traveler accounts,” which is located in the Travel Preferences sidebar.

  • You can edit your Egencia profile by logging in and navigating to your Egencia profile. You will have the option to add or update your personal information, edit your payment options, update your travel preferences, and select your travel arranging and approval preferences.

    General questions related to Egencia should be directed to [email protected]. You may also call Jamie Campbell in the Controller’s Office x4985.

  • Yes. Egencia has recently partnered with Southwest Airlines to bring their content online for Egencia users. In addition to Southwest content, users will have access to content from JetBlue and all other major airlines.

  • When making purchases through Egencia, all domestic flights are subject to a fee of $8 per itinerary. There is an additional fee of $4 for all Southwest flights. Lodging and rental car reservations are not subject to fees.

  • Please contact [email protected] for more details regarding Egencia and for assistance with all Egencia-related questions.

Policies, Guidelines, and Processes

  • Purchasing card application and agreement documents can be downloaded on the Controller’s Office website by clicking here. Please print and sign both forms and submit to Lisa Gazaille in the Controller’s Office. Lisa Gazaille can be reached at  Lisa​.A.Gazaille​@williams.edu or pcard​@williams​.edu or x4002.

  • For clarification of Williams travel guidelines, please contact Jamie Campbell in the Controller’s Office x4985.

  • To apply for a travel reimbursement, please collect all receipts and complete a travel reimbursement form, which can be downloaded by clicking here. Should you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Accounts Payable at x4009 or x4453.

  • Cash advances should only be requested when your college purchasing card cannot be used. You may request a cash advance up to 30 days in advance of your trip and must return all remaining funds within 14 days after the conclusion of your trip. To clear a travel advance, you must complete a Travel Reimbursement Form which can be accessed here. For questions regarding cash advances, please contact Accounts Payable at x4009 or x4453.

  • Egencia transaction fees will be expensed by default to PS account 541100 (travel agency fees) on all monthly expense reports. Please be sure to charge Egencia fees to this account whenever possible.

College Vehicles

  • To reserve a college vehicle, please click here and complete the college vehicle reservation form. If you have any questions about reserving a college vehicle, please contact Krista Jolin in Facilities at x2303 or [email protected]. You may also find further details on college vehicles on the Facilities website by clicking here.

  • If you are a Williams College employee using a college vehicle for business travel, you are covered under the college insurance policies. While college employees are covered by institutional insurance policies, individuals may be held personally liable in situations where they have acted irresponsibly and/or recklessly. If you have any questions or concerns regarding insurance coverage during business travel or need clarification of coverage under certain scenarios, please contact Dave Waynick at x4020 or [email protected].

  • If you are involved in an accident when driving a college vehicle, it is your responsibility as the driver to file an accident with the police and to collect the necessary insurance information from the other parties involved in the accident. You must contact Facilities as soon as possible to notify them of the accident. Between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM on Monday through Friday, please call 413-597-2302. During all other times, please call Campus Security at 413-597-4444.


  • All policy questions related to insurance should be directed to Dave Waynick, Director of Administrative Services. Dave can be reached at x4020 or  [email protected].

  • No, you will be covered under the College’s commercial automobile insurance policy, so there is no need to purchase additional liability insurance from a rental agency.

  • No, college employees should not purchase insurance coverage prior to or during business travel. All college employees are covered by institutional insurance policies when traveling on college business. To ensure optimal insurance coverage when traveling on college business, employees should book travel using their Bank of America purchasing cards whenever possible.

  • Williams College maintains international emergency coverage through International SOS, which will provide employees, students, and if applicable, their immediate family with emergency evacuation services and worldwide assistance when they are traveling for college-related business.

    To ensure you are covered by International SOS during your international business travel, please contact Shelby Walden at x4243 or [email protected] in advance of your travels. Shelby will provide you with an insurance card and address any questions you might have regarding this service.

  • No, for all domestic travel you will be covered under the College’s commercial automobile insurance policy when renting vehicles, so there is no need to purchase additional liability insurance from a rental agency.  However, if you are traveling on college-related business internationally and renting a vehicle, you should accept the insurance coverage offered by the rental agency to ensure optimal coverage on the rented vehicle.

  • All inquiries regarding insurance claims on Williams College insurance policies must be directed to David Waynick, Director of Administrative Services at x4020 or [email protected].

International travel

For information about international travel and the College programs to support you while abroad, please visit the Travel Guides webpage.